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The Twitter 12 Pack of things I did not expect to see during Week 13


I am particularly proud of the #Twitter12Pack this week. You'll either be thanking me at the end, or cursing me...and I'm oddly okay with either one.

Lots of good/funny stuff from this weekend, plus one or two that will leave you scratching your head.

1) "Flopping" is officially contagious, and the NFL has caught it. Thanks a lot NBA.

2) Forget "catch of the year" this is the best catch I've ever seen in my 28 years on this Earth...and all the creative Photoshop genius' had plenty of fun with it. I used to wonder why NFL scouts put so much stock into hand size, but now I know why.

3) Oh SEC

4) This was a heartwarming story, but that's not really "rocking that baby to sleep"'s more like awkwardly petting it.

5) This year tempo in college football = more wins

6) There's a number of kids out there that idolize competitive eater extraordinaire Joey Chesnut and want to be just like him...just hope those kids aren't at your Thanksgiving meal

7) Remember Arkansas fan Liz Honey and her custom Wooo Pig Sooie tunes? Well there's more where that came from in Razorbackland.Caution: You can't unhear this.

8) I've been debating this all weekend; What's more comical, a punter with facepaint or a kicker that wears receiver gloves?

9) This didn't work out, but you can't help but be mesmerized.

10) Interesting sideline refreshments in Utah. I think I'll pass

11) This seems a bit high from Saturday...and crazy.

12) This was my favorite play from Saturday's action. The old tackle around for a gain of one yard. I love it.