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The Twitter six pack of things I didn't expect to see during the final week of the FBS regular season


The final week of the FBS regular season was capped off in a fitting fashion with the Army vs. Navy game, as well as a few FCS games, so instead of a full #Twitter12Pack this week, you're getting a #Twitter6Pack instead due to the limited action.

But don't be disappointed in six less items. Think of it this way; the first ever Twitter 6 pack is like your best friend dropping off a six pack of craft brews instead of a 12 pack of domestics. That outlook should help.

1) This is just crazy...Mount Union faced Wesley in D-III semifinal action on Saturday, and got off to a quick 70-0 lead before eventually winning 70-21.

So that's how the top four teams in Division III stack up...?

2) This is rather impressive

3) Things you see only at the Army vs. Navy game...

4) First year North Dakota State head coach Chris Klieman was a hell of a defensive coordinator for the Bison before being promoted to the head coaching job. However, landing the job at ultra-successful NDSU, Klieman had one year of head coaching experience...a 1-8 season at Loras College (D-III - IA).When Klieman took the podium following their hard fought victory over Coastal Carolina Saturday, he was quick to give thanks and show his appreciation for the opportunity presented. You can get a sense of the genuine appreciation he has for the position that he's in.

5) Try not to visualize this one

6) This was the classiest move of the weekend, courtesy of Oregon State.For the record though, if you're going to call your rivalry game with Oregon "The Civil War," the name shared with a that a bloody war that pitted brothers against brothers and fathers against sons, this just seems odd. Classy nonetheless, but odd.