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#Twitter12 Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

This weekend was full of plays, nuggets, and surprises that no one saw coming.

Let's dive right into them...

1 - Coach O had a special letter waiting for each and every Tiger band member. Very classy move

2 - Listen to former NFL punter Pat McAfee break down why this punt was special

3 - Even game day security needs practice. I'm happy they didn't feel the go super-authentic with the pretend streaker.

4 - This is an incredible Did You Know?

5 - Love that he brought a cigar along just in case...

6 - Dabo could have easily just shook this man's hand and been on his way and no one would have thought twice...but that's not Dabo. This should give you chills.

7 - I am disappointed in myself for not noticing this...

8 - When you make a play at UGA, this is how you're rewarded - (don't mind Mr. No Fun Rovell)

9 - Of course, it's impossible to recap things you didn't expect to see without mentioning this

10 -Wow. Neither of these a good look for Baylor

11 -LA Tech faced a 3rd and 93 after this wild play. I wonder what's on the offensive coordinator's call sheet for that...? ...and then there's this from earlier that game...which just seems strange to me

12 - Now presenting a new #Twitter12Pack Award - The #CojonesOfTheWeek, because, well, the call took some major stones

Bonus: This one from South Dakota State, while up 3 late in the game lining up for a field goal, is also an interesting call

Bonus 2: How about this for a wrinkle?