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The #Twitter12 Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

We're a few weeks in now. You know why you're here.

Let's get right into the #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend.

1 - Camera guy absolutely DEMOLISHES a cheerleader yesterday

2 - Specialists always looking for a little extra love, even if they have to get it from their imaginary sideline supporters

3 - With BeastMode in the backfield, the Raiders seem to have trolled Seattle with a "Seattle" audible where they passed inside the five-yard line

4 - That dude just stole the guy's hand towel!

5 - This is what a dominant defense looks like

6 - Tackling too hard in the NFL is now a penalty apparently? Ref said it was "after the play"...but listen for the whistle

7 - Following Tennessee's loss to Florida on a last play Hail Mary, this Knoxville barber shop is so upset they're taking the Butch Jones cut off the shelf

8 - Pitt threw this message up to keep fans around during a blowout to Oklahoma State. Not a good look

9 - This is insane

10 - How about these insane endings to win the game!?!?!

11 - Be honest, how many even knew this was legal?

12 - When parachuting into games goes wrong

Bonus 1: Austin Peay snapped a 29-game losing streak with a dominant performance against Morehead State

Bonus 2: This kind of stuff happens in the NBA and place for it in football!