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#Twitter12Pack of the things I didn't expect to see in Week 2

1. I don't think anyone saw this coming last night

2. After viewing this clip from the Linfield (D-III - OR) vs. Chapman (D-III - CA) game, I think you'll be in favor of penalizing the flopper just like the NBA does. I've never seen a punter so pumped up in my life. (H/T @CatDomeAlumni) 3. McMaster College (Canada) pulled off the impossible quick-kick touchdown over the weekend...because apparently you can do that in Canada. 4. This is a serious accidental optical illusion. I've stared at it for at least five minutes and still can't sort it out. 

5. Every defensive player dreams of a scoop-and-score opportunity, especially to end the game, but not everyone gets tackled by their own teammate. Unless you're at Florida.

6. I thought those Cleveland Browns unis looked familiar when the came out...

7. Cal head coach Sonny Dykes has been coaching college football since 1995, and says he hasn't had the time to catch an NFL game in two decades.

8. Trent Dilfer with the most memorable NFL analysis of the weekend.

9. If you had to put your money on who would be leading the country in offensive plays per game, would anyone have picked Bowling Green? Dino Baber's #FalconFast squad leads the country with 190 offensive snaps in two games (95 per game) and sit behind only Baylor, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss in total yardage. 10. Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams (a right hander) was 22 of 39 for 309 yards, 1 touchdown and two picks against Michigan State on Saturday, but he was a cool 1-1 with his left.

11. Jim Harbaugh stormed onto the field for his home debut at Michigan Saturday and didn't jump to tap the banner as many would have expected him to.

12 . If you didn't see UNLV's field Saturday, you missed out. They're really embracing Vegas under Tony Sanchez.

Bonus: I didn't see this one coming: Division III Maryville (TN) knocked off East Tennessee State on Saturday. East Tennessee is in their first season of college football since dropping the program in 2006-2007.