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The #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

It's Monday, which means the second edition of the #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend.

1 - The ole double reverse-flea flicker-screen for a TD call...

2 - When you think of quick strike offenses you think of Oregon and uptempo teams...not Michigan

3 - The biggest hit of the weekend was on the sideline and involved a trainer

4 - A Pat Narduzzi defense giving up those kinds of numbers...AT HALFTIME!?!?!

5 - Oregon had a touching tribute to the late Nebraska punter Sam Foltz before the game

6 - Something is off about the "N" in Wisconsin...

7 - NDSU's streak against FBS competition may never be matched

8 - I can't recall this ever happening before...

9 - There were a few boneheaded moves from over the weekend, but this one takes the cake without a doubt

10 - Bet you've never heard a ref say this before. Would have been so much better with air quotes Dr. Evil style

11 - The last time we saw a fan react like this we called it the "Kick Six". Now? Just Georgia beating Missouri

12 - This kid personifies all the emotion inside of each of us on Saturdays in the fall