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The #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend

Last week marked the official beginning of college football with a handful of games, but Saturday marked the first weekend with a full slate of games for us all to enjoy.

So last Monday's abbreviated schedule meant a #Twitter6Pack of things no one expected to see, but this weekend is the first full, no holds barred, #Twitter12Pack of the season.


1 - Texas A&M had a 99.9% win probability last night...and, well, we all know what happened

2 - Army put up 64 points...with ZERO yards passing. #LongLiveTheTripleOption

3 - What are the odds of this happening?

4 - A live fox somehow got loose in Baylor's stadium (during their loss to Liberty)

5 - Rolo shows off his wheels...and then he hits the edge of the coaches box

6 - Uhhh, alright then!

7 - How does this happen? Seriously...

8 - This is the worst thing I saw this weekend by far.... #MostDisgustingMomentInTailgatingHistory

9 - The Gundy Mullet has nothing on this guy

10 - Add that to the coaches vocab

11 - The best hit from the weekend?

12 - This is just great