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The #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend

Lots of interesting stuff to get to today, so here's the #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend.

1 - Bill Callahan looks a whole lot like a younger Bill Snyder to me in this pic...

2 - Aaron Rodgers voicing his displeasure on the play call to his coaches on the sideline

3 - This Kentucky cheerleader was pretty pissed at the 'Cats defense

4 - This call really doesn't make any sense considering the field position

5 - NFL players having fun with each other is now apparently a penalty

6 - No one would have guessed a few of these

7 - THREE penalties on one player on ONE PLAY!?!?!?

8 - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! Just get into the end zone!

9 - I heard Purdue asked permission to wear lighter uniform colors because of the heat, but Harbaugh and Michigan said no so they played in black from head to toe ... so this may have been Purdue's rebuttal

10 - Chris Berman, "Special Assistant coach" at UMass? Maybe that's the secret to how they played Tennessee so tough.

11 - Pretty impressive

12 - That is a legit Pro Wrestling Chokeslam move