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The #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend

As the weekend unfolded, I smirked while favoriting tweets for this article because so much went down that no one expected to see.

Dig right in

1 - Army hasn't attempted a single pass in four games this season, and in those games they are 3-1. Air Force was the latest victim of Jeff Monken's squad

2 - Big fella picks up a fumble and tries to pick up some yards, but ends up flying through the air and fumbling for the Raiders second fumble of a single play

3 - I'm betting those Giants halftime speeches are LIT!

4 - "I was just joking around" is said into the live mic of the official...and as they replay it, he clearly was!

5 - What is going on!!!

6 - Savage move by Kirk Couins here sacrificing his RB

7 - Most bizarre pregame talk I have ever seen, and it's not even close

8 - Jim Harbaugh explains the easiest thing about being a QB to reporters by demonstrating

9 - Montana QB gets ejected for targeting...yeah that actually happened

10 - Wrap your head around this one

11 - You can actually see gold fly off his helmet after this hit

12 - Iowa is taking over the College Football IMPERIALISM MAP!