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#Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend

It's too early to crack a true cold one in most zip codes, so settle with the #Twitter12Pack of things no one expected to see this weekend.

The 12 pack includes a opossum in NFL stands, a -50 yard rushing performance from a winning team, a field goal missing a kicker, a 70-point half, and so much more.


1) Technically, it's from last Thursday, but it's too good to omit.

2) 70 in a half!?!?!

3) Illinois fans have an interesting way of celebrating football success

4) Coincidence? Probably not

5) Wake Forest lined up for a field goal without their kicker...who then kicked it off the upright

6) I'm not sure if this extended to the game, but I really hope it did

7) That's not Minnesota...

7) These tackle numbers are crazy


9) This is what happens when your strength staff gets to make up the turnover celebration

10) In D3 action, Wooster beat DePauw 24-21...and rushed for -50 yards (with two guys in the box score rushing for -30 or more each). DePauw rushed for just 19.





11) Center with so much swagger

12) Drew Brees leaves two in the dust with a spin move.