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The #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend

This weekend brought PLENTY of things that no one expected, so let's get right to it.

1 - All three of these involving Alabama are tough to wrap your head around

2 - A Samford player proposed to his girlfriend this weekend, and got a bunch of his teammates in on it, providing an unforgettable moment 3 - Some experts thought Urban and Ohio State would get punched in the mouth by Wisconsin this weekend...but they didn't expect a referee to deliver the punch (followed by a sideline penalty to boot)

4 - Remember that play from a few years ago where two Florida players ended up blocking one another? Well last night a Saints defensive player tackled another Saints defender

5 - This is pretty wild

6 - Major reason why PJ Fleck has Western Michigan undefeated right here...

7 - Stand up if you had this laid out correctly before the beginning of the year

8 - UCLA somehow punted the ball backwards on Saturday (and Jim Mora was clearly not happy about it)


— Brian Floyd (@BrianMFloyd) October 16, 2016

9 - This referee just can't turn down an opportunity to get in the pile

10 - This is unreal. UNREAL!

11 - Army's punter thought it'd be a good idea to try and take off on 4th and 44...(H/T SB Nation)


12 - Akron destroyed an oar before their game against PJ Fleck and Western Michigan trying to send some kind of message...but the Broncos were the ones sending a message to the tune of a 41-0 blowout.