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Players at two ACC programs will be required to wear masks during games tomorrow

So far this season, the only masks we've seen worn during games have been by coaches.

That is about to change tomorrow with Pitt's match up with Virginia Tech.

Pitt released a statement this afternoon stating that both teams will be required to wear masks on the field and sideline tomorrow.

"In alignment with recent guidance from state officials regarding the current health climate, Pitt's football team will be appropriately outfitted for Saturday's game with face coverings to use on the field and sideline. This is being communicated to Virginia Tech's sports medicine staff as well."

As cases begin to rise nationally, you have to wonder if this becomes adopted more. It's worth noting that the Steelers say they are exempt from the mask requirement during competition.

While it may be a first for college football, many high school athletes this fall were required to wear masks by their state governments or leadership in order to play. Most teams, at least in Michigan where I coach, opted for the splash shields attached to the face mask of the helmet, but there were certainly other options out there being used effectively as well.

The first thing that came to mind for me upon reading that guidance from Pennsylvania is that I hope Pitt players, and Virginia Tech players were given ample time to practice with the masks on to allow themselves enough time to acclimate some of the changes that come with the addition of the masks.

Something else to keep an eye on - it will be interesting to see if Pennsylvania requires all visiting opponents to wear masks as well.

Stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.

Update >> Penn State has released a statement saying they are exempt from the Governor's new order. How is Pitt required, but Penn State is not, you may ask? Excellent question. Temple also believes they do not need to wear them during competition.

Late afternoon update> Appears Pitt has caught on as to how to interpret this ruling most favorably....and they won't be wearing them while playing.