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Two of the best trick plays of the weekend


One of my favorite parts about Monday and Tuesday following a weekend of football is seeing some of the wacky trick plays that coaches dialed up over the weekend.

The highlights from Friday and Saturday of last week include a fake field goal from UW-Platteville (D-III) and Plains high school's (MT) two-point conversion they call "Ninja". Neither one are groundbreaking, but they are both executed to near-perfection.

First up is UW-Platteville's shovel pass fake field goal. Nice design here with the pull from the guard and lead with the wing after the shovel behind the line to the right wing for six points. Seems too easy.

Then there is the "Ninja" two-point conversion that Plains HS dialed up. The quarterback takes the snap and turns his back to the defense, who get quite confused, and then he lobs it over his head for the all-too-easy completion.

Head coach Juan Lulack told MaxPreps that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve for his team of 17.

I've been a part of high school teams who roll out with 17 against much bigger teams, so it's great to see the enthusiasm from the kids after pulling that one off.

Just for fun, I thought I'd also include this one from Arkansas State over the weekend that set Twitter on fire last night...even though it didn't work out so hot.

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