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Two Big Ten wide receivers coaches aired some beef on Twitter last night


When it comes to social media and recruiting being connected, there are two wide receivers coaches in the Big Ten who put a clinic on how the two subjects intertwine daily.

Nebraska wide receivers coach Keith Williams is one of those guys with great handle on how important Twitter is in recruiting today's high schoolers, and his body of work on Twitter reflects that - starting with his handle, which is simply @wideouts.

Williams has managed to work his trademark #Wideouts4Life into just about everything, including popular movies kids today can easily relate to.

Williams also attempts to humorously educate wide receivers out there on the types of stuff they should be asking coaches they're talking to on the phone.

The other guy that understands how to use social media to connect with recruits is Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith. It should come as no surprise that Smith is highly regarded as one of the best recruiters in the conference. So it should come as no shock to learn that Smith took to Twitter to voice his disgust when he recently discovered that another Big Ten coach (who he never directly names, but you'll be able to piece together by the end of this article if you haven't already) was trying to use some negative recruiting with a prospect that the two parties are both very interested in. It all started friendly enough, but it didn't take long for things to really start heating up.

A few hours after Smith's last tweet for the night, Williams hopped on Twitter and shot off the following tweets.

Then this came from Williams at around 1AM...

Then, this morning, Williams tweeted the following (starting with WRs in the league at is previous three stops), followed by the well thought out GIF from coach Smith shortly after.

After the entertaining back and forth, Williams got back to what he normally tweets on a daily basis, which often includes clips of drills he uses.

Now, whether the conversation is actually connected or not is for you to judge. But I think I've made it pretty clear on where I stand...