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Two FBS programs just scheduled a home-and-home series...all on Twitter


Earlier today Kansas State athletic director John Currie took the #Chillin4Charity challenge, and wrapped it up with a bit of a challenge of his own.

Just to be sure Stricklin saw it, Currie tweeted him the video. You can never be too sure with matters like this, and it might have been the best use of Twitter all day, if it weren't for that LeBron James character and his announcement.

Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin heard him loud and clear, and the two teamed up to tackle what may be Twitter's last unconquered frontier; scheduling an FBS football game via the social media platform.

"It takes a pretty savvy partner," Stricklin told ESPN late tonight. "John's a pretty sharp guy. It was kind of a fun way to do it. There's a younger generation of guys out there that communicate through these mediums."

The whole conversation went like this:

How awesome is that? No ink has been put to paper yet, but looks like the two programs will meet in Manhattan, KS in 2018 and then in Starkville in 2019 when they get the paperwork done.

Seriously, is there anything that Twitter can't do?