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Two FBS programs are using Twitter to spread the word on NCAA rules changes

North Carolina quarterbacks coach Keith Heckendorf, and South Carolina's Compliance Twitter accounts have been very proactive in communicating academic requirements for the 2016 class.

In the past, these types of things would be in stuffed in an envelope and mailed to recruits (and they likely still are), but the reach of social media is so much broader and more effective.

Heckendorf is one of the various coaches taking advantage of that reach and in doing so, is helping high school counselors everywhere.

South Carolina's compliance account has also been very proactive in educating coaches, recruits, employers, and their casual fans. If you ever run into a compliance related question, scroll through their feed and you're likely to find the answer.

You might want to take another look at that one. Starting in 2016, incoming freshman will be required to redshirt at an NCAA instituiton if their GPA is lower than a 2.3, based on 16 core courses. 

A lot of other FBS and FCS programs have their compliance department doing something similar, but South Carolina's is one of the accounts that really stood out and deserved some recognition.