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Two HS coaches sprung into action to save a player from a robbery attempt after practice

Following practice at Kennedy HS (CT) last week, head freshman coach Roy Thompson and assistant coach Gilberto Velasquez heard cries for help. Upon looking up they saw one of their players trying to fight off two much older men in a robbery attempt

Without hesitation, the two coaches sprung into action and freed the player from the assailants before Velasquez caught a beating of his own, suffering a fractured eye socket, multiple serious bruises to the chest, cracked ribs and a cracked sinus cavity.

"My well-being and safety is second to my players," Velasquez told WSFB 3 in Connecticut.

Despite the injuries, Velasquez and Thompson were able to hold the would-be robbers down until police arrived. Come to find out, the two men were trying to steal the player's headphones.

"We didn't think about it," Thompson explained. "We just reacted. Just like a parent with a child, or any child, instincts just kicked in,'s not big deal, we just did what we have to do."

These guys make a few grand a year (if that) coaching freshman football, yet didn't give a second thought to putting their lives on the line to save one of their players from a couple of grown men with some very bad intentions. That's the type of character guys you want coaching your young players.

Our hats go off to you fellas. Well done.

WFSB 3 Connecticut