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The two keys that have led to Joe Moorhead dropping some serious weight

As summer arrives and fall camp for programs is just around the corner for most coaches, I'm sure I'm not alone when I share that most of us are looking for ways to be in better shape so we can give our teams the energy they deserve.

Those of us in the camp looking to drop some pounds have likely all heard of the most recent trends out there from Weight Watchers, to the Keto Diet, to intermittent fasting.

That last one, intermittent fasting - where you spend a 16-hour window not consuming over 50 calories and only drinking water - has proven effective and sustainable for a lot of folks, and must have caught the attention of Joe Moorhead who is looking a lot slimmer heading into his second season in Starkville.

The Bulldogs head coach, coming off an 8-5 finish last year, recently lost about 50-pounds on a diet based on two keys, as Dennis Dodd shares.

This photo, via The Clarion-Ledger from a recent stop on the Road Dawgs tour, illustrates Moorhead's transformation.

 Photo: Kelly Donoho, Mississippi State Athletics

Photo: Kelly Donoho, Mississippi State Athletics