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UAB's football program has officially been shut down

UAB Bill Clark

Update: It is now official.

It appears Tuesday is the day the hammer falls on UAB football.

Citing multiple sources, Kevin Scarbinsky of reported that university president Dr. Ray Watts intends to shut down UAB football today. The possibility has been in the air for a number of weeks, but word that a looming cancellation broke on Sunday.

Scarbinsky reports that Watts may make a public announcement. He was not present for the protests on Monday,

UAB would be the first major college program to drop football since Pacific in 1995.

Hundreds of UAB supporters gathered on campus Monday to urge Watts to keep the program, but it appears the effort will be too little and too late. On Monday, had an enlightening report stating the UAB football program is as financially stable as many of its peers, including some in higher-prestige conferences.

We have been told that the money is there to keep the program afloat.

Indeed, if and when UAB football is gone, it will be because the powers that be wanted it gone.