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UCLA's new uniforms are more Adidas than ever

We should see more later today, but Adidas has given UCLA some new uniforms. And they're even more Adidas than ever.

UCLA uni

You'll note the Bruins' trademark shoulder stripe has exploded, but below that, Adidas' template diamond pattern has been extended, making the jersey look like it's been attacked by a coordinated group of moths.


As far as "traditional" uniforms go, these are the most Adidas unis ever. All the familiar aspects - the colors, the stripes - are still there, except they're not. The lovely Clarendon font is gone in favor of something straight out of the Adidas catalogue. The stripes are sliced up with their own stripes. And the jersey is, for some reason, laden with barbed wire-type piping. All in all, it sends the message that UCLA is secondary here, that this is first and foremost an Adidas football uniform.


I counted two UCLA logos in the above photo - and four Adidas logos.

Who really thinks this, the Adidas logo right, dead center, is a coincidence?


Sure, Nike is just as bad - maybe worse - at taking self-promotion to a nauseating level, but at least the Swoosh knows when to fade to the background.