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UNC basketball coach Roy Williams shares a quote for coaches dealing with negativity


Last night Roy Williams' North Carolina basketball squad fell in the Sweet 16 to Wisconsin, a team that may be playing their best basketball of the year.

Going into the game, North Carolina had collected 11 straight wins in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament, but Williams' 4-seed just didn't have enough firepower to beat the Badgers last night. At a program like UNC, where Final Four appearances and National Titles are expected, fans voiced their disappointment louder than ever following the loss.

This morning, Williams joined a radio show and was asked how he deals with negativity when it comes to coaching at a prestigious basketball school like UNC. His response is something that all coaches should read.

"If the mailman stopped to kick every dog that barked at him, he'd never deliver the mail." Williams shared, in short.

All head coaches deal with negativity in some form or another, so that quote from Williams is a nice one to remember.