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How are you educating your players before summer break?

The off season is a time where coaches have to largely hand off their responsibilities of the current players on their roster off to the strength staff.

Ohio State and North Carolina are two programs in particular doing everything that they can from a nutritional standpoint to make sure that their guys are as prepared and educated as possible as they enter the off season.

Ohio State held a cooking class to teach their guys how to cook for themselves during the summer.

North Carolina's Sports Nutrition department (appropriately named @WeFuelTheHeels) decided to take that education to the next level and provided a tour of local grocery stores and educated players how to shop for nutritious meal plans. 

Think back to your days in college, when your body's fuel most likely included pizza, burgers, and the adult beverages of your choice. As athletic departments have evolved over the past decade or so, nutrition has moved to the forefront, and Ohio State and UNC are two programs that have caught our attention recently as they continue to educate their players heading into the summer session.

With it being the off season, programs everywhere from high school to the FBS level are trying to educate their kids and get an edge with activities like this. What else is out there? Maybe it's through nutrition education, or maybe it's something completely unrelated but relevant to your kids.

Let me know what you, or other programs out there, are doing at,or via twitter @CoachSamz and I'll share the ideas with the rest of the coaching community.