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Unconventional ways to build a program with Scott Farley of Jackson HS (MI)

Wrapping up Day 4 of the Online Clinic today was Jackson HS (MI) head coach Scott Farley.

Farley, who has been at Jackson about six years now and is also the executive director of the Michigan High School Coaches Association, shared some really good stuff and unconventional ways to build a football program.

Here are a few other takeaways I really enjoyed from his clinic talk:

  • A really unique philosophy involving multiple laterals you should really consider adopting for two-point plays
  • Ideas on how to create an coaching environment that keeps your staff intact
  • How to set up an 8th grade recruiting / orientation event modeled after a college recruiting visit
  • A few unique spins for your women's clinic

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See coach Farley's full presentation in the clip.