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The uniforms for the US Army All-American Bowl have been revealed


Last week, Under Armour revealed their uniforms for their All-American game, and not to be outdone, the US Army All-American Bowl released these pics of their uniforms this morning.

The Army All-American Bowl's lead sponsor is Adidas, and there is no mistaking the branding they've done on these. You've got the customary Adidas patch on the uni, the trademark three stripes on the pants, and the unmistakable cleats that teams have made famous during bowl season.

These are relatively simple, but I'm kind of digging them. I'm not sure what's going with the helmets, but the design has me intrigued. See more pictures below.

The East vs. West game will take place January 3rd.

Your thoughts?

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(H/T Darren Rovell)