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Unique USFL rules include a 3-point option after touchdowns, a new overtime format, and an onside kick alternative

Much like other upstart leagues, the USFL has created some new rules to make the games more intriguing.

With each upstart league that attempts to pop up, it provides an opportunity for a training grounds where coaches, players and fans can experiment with the practicality and how they feel about new rules and ideas.

The launch of USFL 2.0 is the latest to roll out a landscape to try out some new approaches.

Today, the USFL Twitter account shared a few short videos and graphics of their new rules. 

While there are some unique ways they'll handle pass interference and kicks and punts, the more interesting ones include: 

  • a best of three shootout format for overtime with the ball at the two-yard line before going to a sudden death format,
  • the ability to go for 1, 2, or 3 points after a touchdown,
  • the option to go for a 4th and 12 instead of rolling the dice with an onside kick with some significant risk involved.

If the three point PAT try sounds familiar, that's because the option also existed in the XFL, but they opted to put the ball at the 2-yard line (1 point), 5-yard line (2 points), or the 10-yard line (3 points). The XFL also had a similar overtime format.

Here is each one of the new USFL rules explained in further detail.