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UNLV is offering an "Eat All You Can" concessions option with season tickets

Colleges everywhere have been exploring just about everything under the sun to improve the fan experience on game day and draw fans out of their homes and into stadiums.

UNLV announced yesterday that they're rolling out an interesting out-of-the-box option with a three-game plan that includes all you can eat concessions. The All You Can Eat plans are offered for games against UTEP, Fresno State, and Nevada for about $79 a ticket and will be sold in advance, and not available for purchase on game days.

With the plan, fans will be able to purchase all you can eat Nathan's Famous hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and pop.

The idea came after the athletic department solicited feedback from the fan base, as UNLV AD Desiree Reed-Francois explained in their release.

"We spent so much time listening to a wide range of Rebel fans over the last year. We learned a lot through the process and we are working to make even more enhancements to the experiences of our fans at our events. I appreciate our external team's collaborative efforts on developing these initiatives. Our goal is to provide an engaging atmosphere at a great value and we believe this is a big step."

I know I'm not alone in sharing how much I love this idea and here's to hoping that it catches on at other stadiums as well.

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