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An update on David Beaty's $3 million lawsuit against Kansas

Back on November 4th of 2018 Kansas athletic director Jeff Long made the announcement that head coach David Beaty would not return in 2018 to lead the football program. He went 6-42 in four seasons with the Jayhawks.

Beaty says he was first let go without cause, meaning he'd be owed a $3 million payout, according to his contract. However, in the months that followed, Kansas has alleged that Beaty was dismissed for cause alleging that he broke NCAA rules.

Those rules that were apparently broken under Beaty? Well here's what the Kansas City Star had to share on that, following an NCAA notice earlier this week:

"Monday’s release of the NCAA notice revealed the reason to fire Beaty for cause was that video coordinator Jeff Love provided on-field instruction to KU quarterbacks on two or three occasions in March 2018, including tips and adjustments to reading coverages."

"The NCAA also alleged Love met with KU quarterbacks six to 10 times in a meeting room at the football offices where they went over quarterback reads, defensive fronts and other concepts, and Love sent quarterbacks text messages containing instructional videos."

The issue with that, is that analysts and off-field personnel are prohibited from providing on-field instruction (that includes practice and games) to players by NCAA bylaws. Only the head coach and his 10 on-field assistants are permitted to instruct players.

However, the Star has been able to watch some video of recent KU practices alongside some former compliance directors, and they allege that analysts continue to coach players at practice. Ironically, that's the very reason KU is saying Beaty isn't owed that $3 million.

Kansas reportedly shared those same clips of analysts coaching with the Big 12, who determined that no NCAA violations occurred in them.

All this has to be music to Beaty and his legal team's ears. If Kansas wants to allege that analysts were involved in a minor violation where analysts did on-field coaching, and the same is happening today - not only without anyone batting an eye, but with video of the instances shared with the Big 12 who say that no violations have taken place, Beaty (who is now an analyst at Texas) and his legal team have to be happy.

Head here to read the full run down from the Kansas City Star.

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