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Update on Hugh Freeze


Following last night's report from SB Nation that Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze had an offer from Florida to become their new head coach, I reached out to sources close to Freeze and Ole Miss.

Sources tell me there has been significant dialogue between Freeze and Florida, but that Ole Miss has been working with Freeze for some time on an extension. Sources I have spoken with believe Ole Miss will be in a position tomorrow to announce an extension with Freeze. I've heard terms of "at least four years" and "around $4 million" used.

Nothing is final until the ink is dry, but the people I have spoken with believe Hugh is in Oxford for the foreseeable future.

I understand why Florida would have interest in Freeze but as I stated last night, I simply didn't see him not seeing this through further at Ole Miss, his home.

9PM Update> The Daily Journal out of Mississippi is now reporting that Freeze has agreed to the extension with Ole Miss described above.