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Update on Last Chance U (season 2) and Brittany Wagner

Season 2 of Netflix - Last Chance U, featuring Buddy Stephens' squad at East Mississippi Community College, "arrives July 21". notes: Season 2 documents the 2016 season and will feature a number of top-level players, including former Florida State quarterback De'Andre Johnson, who was dismissed from the team in Tallahassee after being caught on video striking a woman in a bar. He has since signed with Lane Kiffin's Florida Atlantic program.Also to be featured is running back Isaiah Patrick, a Florence native who is being recruited by Auburn. Former Georgia defensive end Chauncey Rivers, dismissed from the Bulldogs after multiple marijuana-related arrests, is also expected to play a prominent role in Season 2. Last season's off-the-field breakout star Brittany Wagner, who left EMCC this Spring, has parted ways with Mississippi-based restaurant group Newk's Eatery to return to working with students.

Wagner tells she starting a new academic counseling / life coaching company called 10 Thousand Pencils. Wagner says 10 Thousand Pencils will work with at-risk athletes, similar to what she did at EMCC. Wagner says she expects to do weekly meetings over Skype or Facetime, seeking to respect the boundaries in place with advisors & counselors at the athlete's school.