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Update on Louisville's pursuit of Jeff Brohm

As the college football world waits for white smoke to appear out of Jeff Brohm's home in West Lafayette, it's worth taking a moment to recall where Louisville's pursuit of the Purdue head coach stands. Below is what FootballScoop wrote on Monday:

Sources tell FootballScoop that Brohm, through his agent, put that chip on the table in discussions with Louisville about their opening. Brohm wants years and dollars commensurate with what they see as a process that will take time to rebuild. The ask, we're told, is meaningful but not what anyone in major college football these days would consider over the top. Thus far, Louisville's side has maintained that there are other viable options who would accept less and that Brohm should be "more reasonable."

In further conversations with sources, Brohm's camp requested a salary north of $5 million, while Louisville AD Vince Tyra wanted to keep the figure closer to $4 million.

Ousted Cardinals head coach Bobby Petrino made just shy of $4 million in 2018 and is now owed eight figures in buyout money.

While Louisville does owe hefty buyout figures to Petrino as well as former AD Tom Jurich and basketball coach Rick Pitino, sources told FootballScoop the University of Louisville Athletic Association has the money to meet Brohm's asking price and wants Tyra to close the deal.

Amid reports that a final resolution is expected today, sources say disagreements about Brohm's possible salary is what has drawn the process out this far. With Brohm's decision still up in the air, sources said Louisville has further meetings planned for tonight with the goal of getting the former Cardinals quarterback back in black and red.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.