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Update on Louisville's search for next head coach

Bobby Petrino is out, and much of Louisville's roster is "in the portal" (i.e. considering transfer options). Word in the profession is that a rebuild won't happen overnight -- and that has become a negotiating chip in the Jeff Brohm sweepstakes.

Sources tell FootballScoop that Brohm, through his agent, put that chip on the table in discussions with Louisville about their opening. Brohm wants years and dollars commensurate with what they see as a process that will take time to rebuild. The ask, we're told, is meaningful but not what anyone in major college football these days would consider over the top. Thus far, Louisville's side has maintained that there are other viable options who would accept less and that Brohm should be "more reasonable."

The song and dance continue, but we have been told that Louisville has put a mid-week "deadline" for a decision from Brohm. Deadlines spur action. If he isn't willing to commit, Louisville has told Brohm they will move on to further discussions with other candidates. It is worth mentioning however that Brohm's buyout reduces by $1.1 million either on or after Dec. 5, which is next Wednesday.

Should Brohm not accept the job, the two names sources continue to tell FootballScoop are at the ready are App State head coach Scott Satterfield and Troy head coach Neal Brown. Both are proven head coaches who have won with far less resources than Louisville has to offer.

Brown, who is from and played at Kentucky, served as offensive coordinator at Kentucky 2013-14. The last three seasons at Troy his Trojans have won 30 games including a victory at LSU.

Satterfield's teams at App have won 39 games the last four seasons. All he does is win and his players love him. He's North Carolina through and through, but he did step out for a few years to coach quarterbacks at Toledo and to serve as offensive coordinator at FIU.

There are few, if any, Group of 5 coaches with hotter names and track records than these two above.

The other name that has been in the wind a bit regarding Louisville should Brohm not accept the job is Luke Fickell, who just had an exceptional season in Year 2 at Cincinnati going 10-2 when no one (other than his squad) was expecting anything near that. Fickell is a leader, but he comes from the defensive side of the game and Louisville seems wed to that offensive game.

App State plays Saturday in the Sun Belt Championship. Should Louisville seek an interview with Satterfield, one would expect that to happen up in New York when coaches and athletic directors head that way for the National Football Foundation Dinner and associated events early next week.

As more becomes clear we'll keep you updated.

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