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There has been an update on the Ohio State investigation timeline

When the investigation at Ohio State was originally announced back on August 5th, a two week timetable was set.That two week timeline was set to expire on Sunday, but an update from Ohio State president Michael Drake via All Sides on WOSU Radio states that timeline was merely a projection.

Drake told WOSU Radio that two weeks was more of a a "projected goal," before adding "the investigation is underway as we speak and it will be finished when it is finished. The most important thing is to get good information so we can make the right decisions going forward.”

When asked if Urban lying to the media during Big Ten Media Day could be grounds for termination, Drake didn't offer a clear cut answer.

"What we're doing is an investigation to try to find out exactly what happened, why, and what the context was. I'm going to wait until I know those things before I make conclusions. I'm doing my best possible job to keep an open mind. As I said, stay tuned."

Drake was also rather vague when asked about Gene Smith's status in the ongoing investigation.

"The team is investigating this particular set of circumstances and I don't know all the questions they're asking or how they're going about it. I am waiting until they come forward with information and we'll use that information to make the best decisions we can."

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