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The OSSAA has voted on how to proceed after controversial playoff ending


I spent a good chunk of my afternoon yesterday staring at a live feed of the OSSAA meeting between coaches and officials from Douglass HS, Locust Grove HS, and the governing board of the OSSAA.

The two sides went back with points, and counterpoints, trying to sway the opinion of the OSSAA committee with one of the following solutions going to a majority vote at the end of the meeting; replay the final 64 seconds of the game, replay the entire thing, or just move on with the state playoffs with Locust Grove moving on.

Here's the full story I did a few days ago on the controversial ending of the game, and the proposal from Douglass to try and make things right by replaying (at least) the final minute.

Keep in mind that Douglas isn't arguing the call on the field, but rather the enforcement of the penalty that wiped out the touchdown. The penalty really should have been assessed as a dead ball penalty and enforced on the kickoff or PAT.

Oklahoma Preps writer Scott Wright was in the room for the discussions and offered an insightful play-by-play account of the events that unfolded.

From my understanding, replaying just the final minute of the game was not a popular option.

Then the board made their first motion; replay the last 1:04 or the entire game

If the board decided to replay the game, they were reminded of the ripple effect that would have on the rest of the playoff action

Then the tone in the room changed when Douglass HS head coach Willis Alexander stood up to address the room. Alexander, who was reportedly ejected from the game, referenced his comments following the game and apologized to the OSSAA board for them, noting that they were "driven by emotion, uncontrollable things sometimes". Then Alexander offered to sit out the remainder of the playoffs if it helped the board make the decision to give his team a chance to continue their playoff quest. To illustrate his point, Alexander quoted the movie "John Q" where Denzel Washington has a kid in need of a heart transplant and he tells them to take his.

Then a new motion to deny the Oklahoma City Public Schools and Douglass appeal to replay any or all of the game was initiated.

Sounds like this one will continue to play out in the court system, but the OSSAA has made their decision pretty clear, and the playoffs will continue for Locust Grove.

UPDATE >> The playoff game scheduled for Friday between Locust Grove and Heritage Hall has been postponed until the Douglass case is heard in front of court next week.