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Update on Joe Brady

In less than shocking news, word began to break today that Texas was willing to spend whatever it takes to fix their offense and they appear to have their sights set on either Graham Harrell (USC) or Joe Brady (LSU).

We addressed the potential of Graham Harrell here.

With regards to Joe Brady, sources tell FootballScoop LSU has no plans to lose Joe unless an incredible head coaching opportunity presents itself. Sources tell FootballScoop at this time, no head coaching opportunities have presented themselves.

With regards to the dollars, early this season the whisper was LSU was going to pay him in the $1 million a year range. Late this season, the whisper was the number was likely to be closer to $1.5 million. Today, sources tell FootballScoop the commitment from LSU is stronger than that.

If you were Joe Brady, having the time of your life, about to go compete for the National Championship with a bunch of great people, would you consider an offer to go try and fix Texas' offense? I gotta tell you, it doesn't sound like something many people would advise him to do if asked. Texas can back the truck up (see tweet below); but LSU has finally solved their offensive issues, there is no way they are letting that walk out the building for anything other than a life changing head coaching opportunity.

Presumably at some point LSU will publicly address this; and until then the rumors will swirl; but I can tell you (per sources) that Coach O isn't losing sleep over this issue.

As always, head directly to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.