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Update on Jon Gruden's plans

Sources told FootballScoop Monday night and Tuesday morning Jon Gruden is actively working on building his staff for when he formally agrees to be the new head coach of the Raiders.

We fully expect the Raiders to comply with the technicalities and the spirit of the Rooney Rule, but at the end of the day the Raiders, Gruden and everyone else in the profession expects Jon to be offered the position.

Contrary to reports from ESPN sources, we are told the Raiders are not planning to offer Gruden ownership in the team. In addition to the fact that this is very hard to actually do given NFL rules, we are told this has never been on the table and is not part of the "negotiations." Sources tell FootballScoop the deal is expected to be along the lines of $10 million per year, fully guaranteed for five (or more) years. There is expected to be upside in the deal for Jon in terms of bonuses, but not ownership / equity or carried interest we are told.

As for his staff, expect coordinators with considerable NFL experience. We further hear he plans to have at least one former head coach on this staff. "Jon wants guys who love to coach and love the game," one source told FootballScoop.

Will update when more is clear.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.

Wednesday AM Update> 

Appearing on Golic & Wingo's show this morning, Gruden largely confirmed everything written above.