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Update on Texas A&M-Kingsville's search

A quick update on Texas A&M-Kingsville's search, which seems to have taken some turns since our last update.

Parker Executive Search is leading the process on this one. The whisper within the profession was that the University had targeted having their coach introduced before the end of this week.

Sources told FootballScoop early this week that Henderson State head coach Scott Maxfield and Incarnate Word offensive coordinator Cody Crill were two finalists for the position. Maxfield pulled out of the search a few days ago. Subsequently, source told FootballScoop Kingsville planned to make Cody Crill their new head coach.

Sources tell FootballScoop Kingsville met with Crill Tuesday evening and Wednesday. However, no deal was reached, we are told. Sources tell FootballScoop the parameters of the deal discussed in person were not what was expected prior to arriving on campus.

We have heard whispers that Crill might have even removed himself from the process.

So, where does that leave Parker / Kingsville? Well, sources tell FootballScoop Michael Salinas is viewed by Parker as a viable option. Salinas, who last coached college football nearly a decade ago, was out of football altogether this past year. He most recently served as head coach at Welasco High School in south Texas for the 2017-18 seasons before resigning. Welasco was 13-8 in those two seasons. Prior to that, he served as head coach at Edinburg Vela High School for six seasons, going 36-20 there. Salinas has college coaching experience in his past as an assistant at Hardin-Simmons, Sam Houston State, Kingsville and West Texas A&M.

FootballScoop reached out to Kingsville leadership for an update today. "We don't have any announcements planned for today, but we're trying to get this done sooner rather than later," a spokesman said.

Will Salinas get the offer? Will Parker / Kingsville come back to Crill with an improved offer? Will they need to bring someone else into the process? With Christmas break coming soon, everyone involved is hoping to have resolution to these questions very soon.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.

Update>Sources tell FootballScoop Kingsville is planning to make Mike Salinas their next head coach.