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Update on the situation at LSU


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Tuesday night, Scott Rabalais of The Advocate in Baton Rouge set the internet ablaze.

Rabalais reported that there are "strong indications" that Les Miles is coaching for his job these next two weeks (at Ole Miss tomorrow and vs. Texas A&M next weekend). As we at FootballScoop know quite well, when you write an article like that, you fairly quickly are told by powers in the know that you are right...or wrong.

Rabalais updated things today with a note along those same lines...noting that he was right (according to "sources with knowledge of the unfolding situation").

Rabalais notes that there are three major scenarios in play.

  1. LSU wins out - In which case Les is "clearly safe"; however Rabalais adds that staff changes could be in the offing.
  2. LSU loses out - "There is little chance Miles would be allowed to return".
  3. LSU splits these two games - Many shades of gray. Poker. This could go in any direction and the gloves might come off.

Miles' buyout is $15 million if he is let go prior to January 1, at which time it drops to $12.9 million. Throw in another $2 million for the assistants (per Rabalais) and perhaps another $5 million to secure the new staff...and oh my this would the riskiest move Joe Alleva has ever recommended in his life. Better be right Joe.