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Update on the situation at Memphis

Fluid situation so I'll keep this one short; but....

Late last night Geoff Calkins, a reporter out of Memphis, came out strong:

[oh my, he actually has since deleted the tweet...his tweet from last night said it was over, that Memphis was done waiting on Odom]

Sources had told FootballScoop that Barry Odom and Memphis had been "negotiating" for days...largely Barry, through Jimmy Sexton, saying that he was very appreciative and interested; but asking that they allow just a day or two while Mack Rhoades (AD at Missouri) decides whether to offer the job there to Barry or not. So, when I saw Calkins tweet, I naturally wondered if this was a negotiating tactic by Memphis designed to get Sexton / Odom to get this deal done.

Sure enough, not all that long after Calkins' oh so strong tweet, he began to walk it back.

This AM, FootballScoop spoke with sources who relay that Odom's opportunity to get this deal done is not over; but if it is going to happen, today is the day.

Sources tell FootballScoop that Memphis intends to name current offensive coordinator / interim head coach Darrell Dickey their next head coach should a deal with Odom not come together. Dickey, the former North Texas head coach has done a quality job at Memphis since 2012.

Mack Rhoades hasn't done Odom any favors by stringing the Missouri search along (reminder that Pinkel told Rhoades about his intentions in October). However, it appears today is Odom's last possibility of becoming Memphis' next head coach. The offer is there.

Stay tuned to The Scoop for all the latest news.