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Update on Scott Frost's buyout and candidacy at Florida and Nebraska

We took a look at Matt Campbell's buyout -- which was shockingly high -- and Willie Taggart's -- which was shockingly not. Scott Frost's is.... right where you'd expect it to be.

We obtained a copy of Frost's contract, which lists his buyout as half of the remaining guaranteed salary or $3 million -- whichever number is lower. Considering Frost just signed an extension in April that kicked his salary up to $2 million a year, the buyout number would be $3 million -- which is right in line with industry norms.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.13.51 PM

As for which jobs Frost may leave for, there are two obvious ones. We're talking neon-blinking-lights obvious: Florida and Nebraska.

One is his home state and his alma mater, wandering through a 20-year exile from the college football elite. The other is right down the road from where he already works, the flagship university in a state with more than enough elite talent to run his offense.

In talking with sources around the Florida program, everything we've heard indicates Frost is indeed a very strong option at this point. Now, consider that it's Nov. 1 and Florida won't ultimately make the hire for another month at the earliest. There's a long way to go here.

As for Nebraska, here's what newly-hired AD Bill Moos had to say about Frost yesterday.

Scott Frost

In short: I evaluated Frost a few years ago and thought he just needed head coaching experience, he has that now, he's a known commodity here and he'll be a Power 5 head coach soon.

In the meantime, Frost, 42, is 7-0 and ranked No. 18 in the country, the odds on favorite to run through the American undefeated and win the Group of 5 bid to the Peach Bowl.

What a time (for him) to be alive.