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Urban: "You can't tell players 'We have 18 practices,' you have to compartmentalize it"


Urban Meyer's second year at Florida culminated in a 13-1 season, complete with an SEC title game victory over Arkansas, which propelled them to a national title game appearance against #1 Ohio State.

During the prep period for that game, Urban's former Notre Dame boss Lou Holtz shared some advice with him that has helped shaped his bowl preparations ever since.

"We break it into three phases; Phase 1 is fundamentals and conditioning, phase 2 is gameplan and installation, and Phase 3 is game week." Urban noted in yesterday's presser.

"The way that a young mind, and even an old mind, works is that if I said 'Hey, by the way we have 18 more practices, or whatever it really is' - I don't really know how many practices there are - I only know that we're in Phase 2 and we've got two left."

"I want to make sure that we get our nine coaches, our strength coach, and most importantly, our players into that mentality, because you can't handle that. There is too much going on, so it's very compartmentalized, and that came from Lou Holtz back in 2006 when he told us, 'don't play the don't have to play the game today.'"

"I don't even want to think about the game yet. There will be a right time for that, and that will be once we get to New Orleans."