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Urban: "Careers are made. Legends are born."

"Scarlet and Gray Days," the Big Ten Network's inside look at Ohio State's training camp, debuted Wednesday night. It's like "Hard Knocks" but with more teaching and less NFL machismo.

Speaking of teaching, right around the 10-minute mark, Urban Meyer addresses the team for the first time officially in the 2015 season. It's a great look at the best motivator in college football at his vein-bulging, heart-pounding best.

"Careers are made. Legends are born. Usually I don't say that until the week before we go in that stadium, right? Careers are made, legends are born. It's a great saying. I love saying that because it's true. They're made right here. Careers are made, they're made right here. At a place like Ohio State you can become a legend. Don't hide from that. Do the stuff, take care of your responsibility, become a great player, you're a legend at a place like Ohio State. This is not for everyone, so if you continue to be on this side of the room, we've got a problem with you, because the expectation level at Ohio State that you guys created has never been higher.

Two years ago we lost a game. Did we lose because we had really bad players? Is that why we lost to Michigan State? Is it because we had bad players? Is it because we had bad coaches? No, we lost because we didn't go into that thing at full capacity. We didn't do it, and for some reason it happened. Last year, Wisconsin, full unit, full capacity. Absolutely. Alabama, maximum capacity. All nine (position units) showed up. You win it. And then Oregon for the national title. How'd we do? All nine. How'd the corners do, how'd the d-line do, how'd we all do? I'll help you with that: nine strong.

That's my focus. I'm want to help on offense, I'm going to do special teams, but I can damn well guarantee you this: it's going to be nine strong, or you won't be here. Our goal is not to win a national championship, we d0n't have to talk about that... I don't want to hear coaches talk about it. You're not going to hear that. What you are going to hear is nine strong, and you will be evaluated daily. If you are not holding up your end of the bargain, that will be addressed, because we will not go into game one in Blacksburg, Virginia, without nine strong. Not going to happen. That is absolutely non-negotiable.

You know what today is? The number one team in America coming together, having dinner, and getting ready to go to work. That's what we're getting ready to do. And tomorrow's another day. Enjoy the moment, you guys have earned it. Now it's time to go get another moment."

Later, Meyer says Ohio State was the best team in America at two things in 2014: loaded stances and hand placement. "I'm going to be insane about that," he says.

Also, Kerry Coombs is a star in this episode and I'm be remiss if I didn't mention the dulcet tones of narrator J.K. Simmons' soothing baritone.