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Urban Meyer: 15 years ago you could be hard on guys, now it's about being honest with them

Tough love was a tactic that coaches would dish out regularly not all that long ago, but Urban Meyer recently touched on how that coaching approach has shifted.

Urban Meyer has been coaching football at the college level or higher since 1985, and has been a head coach since taking over taking over Bowling Green in 2001. 

When you've been around the game for that long, you get a real sense for how coaching has changed.

Yesterday, in their game against the 49ers, Jacksonville's Rayshawn Jenkins was ejected in the second quarter for throwing a punch at receiver Jauan Jennings.

Asked yesterday if he was in a position where he could be hard on a veteran player like Jenkins, Urban had an interesting answer for how coaching players in situations like that has changed from an atmosphere where you could be really hard on them and bring down the hammer, to now having an approach where it's more about having a "grown man" conversation.

"The days of being hard [are done], in my opinion. I think it's the days of being honest."

"Fifteen years ago, it was a whole different animal, and that's at all levels. So being hard...especially with a grown man like Rayshawn Jenkins, it's more like 'What's going on man? Let's get that corrected.' He'd be the first one to have that look on his face, like 'I know.'"

"There is no defiance. If there was defiance, that would be a problem. We're just going to have a grown man conversation where I say you just can't do that, especially in your position, or any position."

Hear Urban's full comments in the clip.

With seven games left in the season, Urban's Jags are 2-8.