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Urban Meyer (and 2,500 other people) are trapped at sea

Urban Meyer2

Here's a headline that is too weird to be anything but true: Urban Meyer, Shelley Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeye Cure for Cancer are currently trapped in the Gulf of Mexico.

Every year around this time, the Meyers join roughly 2,500 other Buckeyes to raise money for the Urban & Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. It's one of the old "something-for-something" charity events, where those so inclined get a few days at sea with their favorite Buckeyes in exchange for raise money for cancer research.

The group's Royal Carribbean vessel was due to return to the Port of Tampa yesterday, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

With visibility that low, the ship had no choice but to sit in the gulf and wait. “We are good. No worries,” Meyer texted the Columbus Dispatch. “We raised upward of $2 million for The James. However, we are ready to get home." The real question is, what if they never made it home? How long would it take for Meyer to usurp the captain of the ship for ultimate aquatic authority? Sadly, we'll never know. Former Buckeye and fellow voyager Dustin Fox offered this update recently:

With the Ohio State contingent apparently headed home, let's tune in next time when Jim Harbaugh gets chased from a golf course by an angry flock of geese.