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Urban Meyer asks a few simple questions to fight complacency and hire the best at Ohio State

The elite coaches in college football have cracked the code on how to fight complacency within their programs. Guys like Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Dabo Swinney are guys that immediately come to mind when you think of that concept in play around college football.

While highlighting college football's focus jobs in new creative media, specifically at Ohio State and Clemson (who have been ahead of the curve in the emerging area for years now), Sports Illustrated shared a few things that motivate Urban Meyer that many coaches will find interesting.

For one, Meyer's most persistent fear is that of complacency. To fight that, he asks the question; "If someone has something better, we have to ask the question, 'Why?' They shouldn't."

When interviewing Zach Swartz (who now serves as the Director of New and Creative Media) for a creative digital role with the Buckeyes, Urban didn't even crack open the binder that Swartz came prepared, complete with plans on how to help Ohio State make up some ground in the creative digital space. Instead, Sports Illustrated notes that he asked Swartz two questions: "Are you the best in the country?" and "Can we be the best in the country?"

Clearly, being the best in the country in every area imaginable is what drives Urban Meyer in every decision he makes with the Ohio State program.

Head over to Sports Illustrated to read the full piece with a whole lot more on how Ohio State and Clemson are using digital media to connect with recruits and fans, and how they fighting to stay at the forefront of social media in college football