A lot of coaches, including Mike Leach, voiced their displeasure with the decision to ban satellite camps last week, but for Urban Meyer, the decision to deregulate texting to prospects has him much more upset.

Just to recap: while players could text coaches, coaches had been banned from texting players since 2007. Now coaches can not only text recruits freely, but they can also communicate with recruits uninhibited via other social media platforms as well. College basketball coaches have been able to communicate freely via text with recruits since 2012.

The problem with this for recruits is that they have some control on social media about who can contact them. For example, on Twitter you normally can’t send a direct message unless you’re both following one another. That mutual interest in one another gives recruits some control over who they receive messages from, and they can also simply turn off the notifications so their phone isn’t blowing up off the hook. That’s the same sentiment that Nevada head coach Brian Polian shared after the decision was announced.

Back in February, Urban told

“I hear the stuff about texting. I want to make this clear why — and this is a high school coach’s and high school player perspective — not college coaches. Who cares about college coaches? That’s not what this is about. It’s about them, and not screwing up a high school kid’s senior year or junior year. If you text someone, you can’t stop that, so you have a phone full of what? Text messages”

“If I don’t want to hear from that school they’ll keep hitting me because that’s their job, and usually it’s not them, it’s maybe an intern doing it. So here’s a kid in high school being bombarded with text messages sitting there doing this all day. If it’s social media, you can determine who you want to hear from.”

For the NCAA, an organization who claims time and time again to have the best interests of student athletes at the forefront of every decision they make, the decision to deregulate electronic communication is a head scratcher to many.

It will also drastically alter the lives, and the approach of college coaches, who already sacrifice a lot of time with their families and grind non-stop during recruiting.

The deregulation will go into effect April 28th.