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Urban Meyer has introduced "Patriot Week" at Ohio State to educate Buckeyes on voting, the military, presidents and everything American


Starting yesterday, Ohio State players took part in a new program that Urban Meyer and his staff put together that they're calling "Patriot Week" that aims to educate the Buckeyes on American values like voting, the presidents, the military, and a number of other red-blooded American topics.

The lesson yesterday revolved around the history of the presidency and the responsibility of our commander in chief and Professor Jack Wright, who teaches political science was brought in as a guest speaker. Today's lesson will be a tribute to the men and women of the military.

"What I've found, four ourselves and our staff, is that not many people know the exact process. Our players have a right to vote, so how can we make sure that our players take this personally?" Meyer told his guys.

Towards the end of the clip below, following the lesson from Professor Wright, Urban touches on two of the most important reasons to get out and vote with his players; 1) You can make a difference, and 2) People fight, and have died, for our right to vote. This is a really great idea from Meyer and his staff, and the great part is that players aren't viewing it as a classroom session, but instead see it as a team-building experience that also provides some important perspective for life away from the field as well.