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Urban Meyer is just savage, man

Update:Video has been found. Good job internet. Scroll to bottom for video of Urban explaining the two things Bill Belichick wants to know about a player...and enjoy watching Harbaugh walk up during this talk. Incredible.

We don't have much more information on hand than what we see in the tweet but, then again, we don't really need much more.

There was a "Best of the Midwest" camp at Grand Valley State (D-II - MI) today. Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh were there. When it was Urban's turn to speak, he, according to Nick Baumgardner of the Detroit Free Press, got in front of the campers and talked about how important it is to win your rivalry games.

Needless to say, Urban is 6-0 against Michigan and 3-0 against Harbaugh.

This is where I'll point you back to a column I wrote ahead of the 2017 season, which argued that Michigan's "that close" double overtime loss in Columbus in 2016 was even bigger than we thought it was at the time.

Go to work Internet. Find us this video...

Well done Internet. Well done indeed. Enjoy the video my friends...

If the video won't play for you here, head to the Detroit News.