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Urban Meyer releases another statement

Officially back on the job, Urban Meyer has released yet another statement. For those scoring at home, this marks the fourth statement the Ohio State head coach has released since Aug. 3, the day he was placed on administrative leave.

Meyer also taped a two-part interview with ESPN, one of which has already aired and the second will hit airwaves today. He will also conduct his first press conference since his fateful performance at Big Ten media days at 11:30 local time on Monday.

In today's statement, Meyer thanked Ryan Day and the rest of his staff for leading the Buckeyes to a 3-0 mark in his stead and clarified, for what feels like the umpteenth time, that he "should have done a better job" in handling Zach Smith and that he does not "never have and never will" condone domestic abuse.

Read the full statement below.

Urban Meyer statement

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