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Urban Meyer responds to speculation about the Redskins job

You knew it would happen as soon as word broke that Urban Meyer would be "retiring" at Ohio State.

How could one of the best college football coaches ever walk away from the game at 55 years old? Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are still coaching at an extremely high level with each of them currently in their upper 60's, and Meyer is going to walk away now?

It certainly doesn't help the chatter of a potential return that Meyer first officially retired from the game back in December of 2009 before the Buckeyes job opened and he was named head coach in Columbus in November of 2011.

So instead of the talk being about his retirement since leaving the Buckeyes in the capable hands of Ryan Day, the talk has instead been about what opportunity would lure Meyer back into coaching. Would it be a premier college job like USC? Or maybe the NFL would warrant consideration from Meyer with speculation surrounding a potential opening with the Dallas Cowboys.

Over the weekend, while enjoying a Redskins game as a fan and guest of rookie wide receiver (and former Buckeye) Terry McLaurin, some folks couldn't help but draw connections and force the conversation of Urban as a potential candidate for the Redskins vacancy as a possibility.

Situations like this are bound to pop up and draw headlines of people reaching for a story, and that is destined to continue until Urban decides to come out and simply state - "listen, I'm done coaching. End of story. Let's all move on" But as of this morning, that had not happened, and you can draw your own conclusions as to why.

Today, Brit Hume tweeted Urban's response to if he'd consider the Redskins job, and Meyer responded with the closest thing to date about ruling out a return to coaching with a simple "I think I'm done coaching."

It's far from an emphatic no way, that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likely wouldn't have listened to anyway if he find himself needing to fill his head coaching position in coming weeks, but it is something - and that's all we'll get on it from now.