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Urban Meyer reveals severity of health issues he's been battling

In an interview with published today, Urban Meyer opened up about some of his ongoing health issues many have been asking about, including persistent headaches he continues to battle.

Meyer has battled the arachnoid cyst first diagnosed back in 1998 for decades now, but the past two years his pain has become more frequent. Many watching the Buckeyes take on Purdue two Saturdays ago noticed Meyer appeared to be in pain on the sidelines, and questions and concerns picked up steam since then, prompting a number of reporters to ask during yesterday's scheduled media availability.

According to Meyer's personal physician in the article:

"The past four years, we've been working closely with Coach Meyer to monitor and manage the symptoms that have risen from his enlarged congenital arachnoid cyst. This includes aggressive headaches, which have particularly flared up the past two years."

Despite the health issues, Urban reaffirmed his commitment to Buckeye nation that he touched on during yesterday's presser by stating, "I am fully committed to Ohio State and the football program for as long I can."

That leads me to perhaps the most telling section of the entire piece on Meyer's future in Columbus. This:

"Of course, the obvious next question is about Meyer’s immediate future in his job. Meyer would not directly address that, because there isn’t really a way to do so.

He does not feel very good right now. As a husband, father of three and grandfather of one, with another grandchild on the way, he is considering his quality of life beyond his coaching days.

But he's had a cyst in his head his whole life. If the 2014 surgery to remove fluid and reduce pressure in his brain followed most procedures for arachnoid cysts, he had two holes drilled in his head.

But since that moment, he has coached. He has won. He has proven he can live with this and through this, one day at a time. But every day can be different. No one knows what comes next."

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